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The Ellington Parks and Recreation Department offers great aquatic programs for all ages.

Note: not all programs available are mentioned on this page; for more information, please visit our Activenet page.

Letter from Stephen Pendl, Risk Management Consultant, CIRMA Risk Management Services, in regards to the raft in Crystal Lake.  

Swimming Lessons


2020 Crystal Lake Sandy Beach

The Ellington Recreation Department has been working diligently to ensure a safe aquatic experience and is pleased to announce that Sandy Beach at Crystal Lake will open for daily use beginning Saturday, June 20th.
In an effort to ensure the safest environment for both our patrons and staff, several modifications will be implemented at all times during waterfront operation. These modifications include but are not limited to:
 Ellington Resident’s Only
 Due to social distancing mandates and the associated guidance that waterfronts operate at 50% capacity, this decision has been made to prevent overcrowding.
 Cash will No Longer be Accepted as a Method of Payment
 The Town of Ellington amended their payment policy to eliminate cash transactions until further notice. Beach attendants will have a credit card reader to accept cashless walk-in transactions. Payment by check will also be acceptable.
 Social Distancing is Required
 Blankets, towels & chairs should be at least 15’ apart from others, unless immediate family
 Groups will be limited to no more than 5 people, unless immediate family.
 Face coverings must be carried in and worn when in close proximity to others.
 Playground, Picnic and Volleyball Areas are Closed
 Health guidance dictates that “high contact” areas be closed until further notice.
 “Carry in/Out” Trash Policy Will be in Effect Patrons must take out what they bring in. No receptacles will be available for public use.
 Restrooms Will be Open
 Restroom capacity will be limited to one individual or family at a time.
 Restrooms will be cleaned periodically throughout the day.
Season passes are available online at,
or by phone at 860-
Season Pass registration will not be accepted in person, as our offices are closed to the public at this time.

Season Pass rates are detailed below Walk-In rates are detailed below
 Family Pass: $55.00  Adult: $7.00
 Individual Pass: $30.00  Child: $5.00
 Senior Pass: $10.00  Senior: $1.00

Beach hours have been slightly extended and the beach will be open for operation on weekdays from 10:30AM – 5:30PM  
and on weekends from 10:30AM – 6:00PM.
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Should the parking area or waterfront reach maximum capacity at any point, the beach will be
closed and notification will be posted immediately on the Ellington Recreation Department Facebook page at

Please be sure to check our Facebook page before departing for the beach.

Please note that beach rules and regulations can and likely will change throughout the course of the summer as our state’s response to the pandemic evolves. All of the above modifications are meant to serve notice of minimum requirements only. Beach officials have full authority to impose further restrictions to ensure a safe aquatic environment. Law enforcement will be monitoring beach activity and any willful violation of beach rules may result in immediate ejection from the premise, revocation of beach pass rights, and any further action deemed necessary by law enforcement.

BEACH PASSES Available for purchase online through Activenet or by calling into the Recreation Office.  860-870-3118
Ellington Residents Only:
$55.00 Per Family
$30.00 Individual
$10.00 Senior Citizens


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